Fire Starters

This unique product combines the qualities of Magnesium, Flint & Steel, with a comfortable antler handle – to permit you to start a fire when & where you need it. Great for woodsman, hunters, trail walkers, hikers, mountain climbers, fisher-persons and skiers – or for any person who would like to have the availability to have an emergency fire starter with them at all times.

By quickly & firmly sliding the steel blade along the flint, a shower of hot sparks will be produced to light up your leaves, or wood kindling. If the area is damp, a few strokes on the magnesium, will leave these flakes on your wood or leaves, and then when ignited by the hot flint sparks, will burn at 5,400 degrees F. – enough to produce a flame on any surface.

The Fire Starters come in a variety of sizes, so they can be carried with ease in a purse, car glove compartment, pocket or back-pack. Complete instructions are included with each purchase.

Fire Starter Instructions


Key Ring Model: 3/8″ Magnesium
Light Duty Model: 3/8″ Magnesium
Medium Duty Model: 1/2″ Magnesium
Heavy Duty Model: 5/8″ Magnesium
Fireplace Model: 1/2″ Magnesium


Price: $19.95